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Yes, these women are looking for you! They want compatible partners for long-term relationships, marriage, and family. They want to love and to be loved. A good man…not someone who will cheat on them with other women, drink to excess, leave them or not be able to care for a family.

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Meeting Single Russian Women For Marriage

Russian girls for marriage can be a great option. Many people consider marrying a foreign national, especially one with whom they have no personal relationship or are only a few thousand miles away from home can be risky. The thought of getting married to someone who is completely unfamiliar to you, may just be the ticket to a happily ever after. There are many beautiful women from Russia, who are looking for husbands. There are also many men who are interested in dating these women. If you are interested in dating a Russian woman, it is important to know what Russian girls for marriage are looking for.

Many women prefer to find their life partners outside of their own country. The Internet, for example, is a great way to locate potential life partners. Many singles from Russia have found lasting love through the Internet. If you have a Russian wife or girlfriend, you may want to consider dating Russian women who are seeking marriage. Many women prefer to meet their life partners online before they make the commitment to actual dating in person.

Many men from Russia and neighboring countries choose to meet Russian brides and grooms through Internet dating services. Since the Internet allows for anonymity, Russian ladies looking for marriage will have no concerns about being judged by those around them. You will also have a much greater chance to find the type of Russian bride or groom that matches your expectations. No matter which route you take, whether you choose to meet a Russian bride online in person, you are sure to make a lasting impression on your new partner.

Sadly, this is the reality of life in Russia and the Former Soviet Union today. Due to the poor economy, many men are not able to raise a family…or simply do not want to. Many men father a child and then leave their wives. Most drink, many have serious alcohol problems. Given this situation, these incredible ladies only want to find someone who will treat them right. If they could find such a man in their country, they would. They do not seek a way out or a Green Card. They seek only a partner to make their life complete. Just like you.

Do not even think of writing a Russian/Ukrainian woman without educating yourself!

Did you know that there is an entire industry surrounding this simple pursuit?

Did you know that many of the agencies, companies and even some of the women involved are only after your wallet!?

Learn from my experience — an American man married to a wonderful Ukrainian woman — and the experience of many others who have gone before you. I have interviewed many other Western (American, Australian, and European) men who have been involved in this same process. I have spoken with literally hundreds of real Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, and Kazakhstan women, agency managers, workers, and even owners. I have even lived in the Former Soviet Union, so I am very aware of the cultural differences, attitudes, and what it takes to meet and marry the Russian lady of your dreams!

Avoid costly mistakes and save time by learning how the system really works!

I will tell you the truth—the good, the bad, and the ugly:

  • Are these women for real?
  • Are they really searching for a good husband? Or do they just want a ticket to the West?
  • How are they different from American women? How are they the same?
  • What happens when you sign up and use a typical marriage agency?
  • Is writing letters the best method for finding a suitable Russian lady woman?
  • Should I go on an agency tour, by myself, or another method?

There is much you need to know before you even start your search. As an American married to a wonderful Ukrainian woman (that’s her at the bottom of this page), I have the experience and knowledge to help guide you. I have traveled all over the Soviet Union, even living in Ukraine for a while. You will benefit from my experience and that of literally hundreds of other guys I have met, talked with, and helped along the way. I have met and interviewed men and women from all over America, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. All at various stages in this process from start to happily married. I have even spoken with Russian men about their attitude to all of this (very different from what you might expect)! And along the way, I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with literally hundreds of women and marriage agency owners in the Soviet Union.

What all of this means to you is that you will be better prepared to start and complete your search for a Russian lady successfully!

russian brideMost other sites you will find online are for marriage agencies. They want you to buy addresses, translation services, phone services, and eventually a tour through their company. I do not. I am not selling any of these things. There are recommendations for certain services…but the main purpose is to give advice that will benefit you and help you as you start (or continue) your search for the perfect marriage partner. How could you ever completely trust someone who has a personal interest in which country you visit and which agency you choose to help in the process? You simply can’t. Every man’s situation is unique. Many other agencies and websites want to give you a “cookie-cutter” solution. I believe that general information can be provided in this way, but for the most accurate assessment and advice, you need to have a personal coach. This is where I come in. If you have any questions, comments, or would like some personal advice I am available to help by email or phone.

I will be with you throughout your search to find a Slavic Women woman! Your only unbiased source of information. I will stick with you, offer advice and guidance, and answer all of your questions until you are happily married to the Russian lady woman of your dreams!

Please take advantage of the many resources offered here. Browse through the many articles…look over the recommended agencies and resources list…order your manual which will guide you through the entire process…email me with your feedback. If you have had some experience with any marriage agency I would love to hear about it, good or bad. Sign up for the FREE newsletter in order to keep up to date with all the latest news in this industry, tips to be more successful in your search, resources, stories, and testimonies from other people involved—your fellow searchers, Slavic women sharing their opinions, even agency owners and workers.