Here, let’s talk about second big markets of brides – Ukrainian. In general, Ukrainian girls little bit same as Russian, but of course have some differences. One of what you need to notice that for Ukrainian girl really important how man look like, they will not feel sad about you if you will be in dirty clothes, mostly they will think man inaccurate. Ukrainian girls have more honor and some passion, but also modest in the same time. They will do everything for home, don’t worry and even not ask you. You just will come home and have everything ready – home clean, dinner cooked, your kids happy and busy with playing.

Of course Ukrainian girls have classical educations, but traditionally you will feel they moderate feminist, it’s not because western cultural coming, but because it’s traditional family relationships. In Russia family relationship little bit moslims when man are lord at family. But in Ukraine people says that man its – head, but the woman – neck, so in what side neck move in this side had will look. It sounds funny. So you don’t need worry, she will do all kind of women staff, but they will ask you to do all “man” stuff. If compere with Russian, well, Russian will do all for you doesn’t matter what you ask, but Ukrainian will look at you, like you her hero and she will little bit push you do like a hero and she will make that all people around you will look at you same.

So now, about what they ask and how to take them.